Monthly Day of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life

Monthly Day of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life

9th October 2019

Proposed Theme: Mercy and Forgiveness

Pope Francis: ‘Patch up family feuds’

Proposed Theme: Mercy and Forgiveness

Some Thoughts:

· ‘Let this be a time to end all family feuds, to forgive each other and let bygones be bygones,’ Pope Francis has said.

· “I think about so many brothers and sisters who are estranged from their families; they don’t speak to each other,” he said during one of his weekly general audiences in St Peter’s Square.

· “This is a good occasion to meet up again, to embrace each other and forgive each other, to leave bad things behind,” he said.

· Catholics are called to recognise their own need for God’s mercy, the greatness of God’s love seen in the death and resurrection of Christ and the obligation to assist others by communicating God’s love and mercy through words and deeds.

· We are called to forgive each other, to harden not our hearts and to not let pride get in the way of reconciliation.

· “God’s mercy transforms human hearts; it enables us, through the experience of a faithful love, to become merciful in turn.”

· “Love alone is the answer to that yearning for infinite happiness,” Pope Francis wrote. It is the only response to the longings “that we think we can satisfy with the idols of knowledge, power and riches.”

In our Prayers this month we may want to pray for those families where members do not speak to each other and where they are estranged from each other, that they may reach out, love and forgive each other. If we ourselves are separated from other family members we may want to ask God for the strength to forgive or to seek forgiveness and to be reconciled with each other. May all families within our community grow in love and respect for each other.

Movement of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life

On the 9th day of each month, our parish of Dungannon prays for Marriage & Family Life. This is part of a Movement of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life, as other parishes and groups take on the prayer for the other days of the month.

To make this prayer continuous, many people in our parish have committed themselves to a specific hour of prayer in such a way so that as much of the whole day and night as possible are covered.

Everyone is invited to join in this prayer, either by taking on an hour, or by including this intention in their own prayer during that day.

If you would like to undertake an hour each month please contact the Parish Office (Tel 028 8772 6893) where a special Prayer Booklet is available to assist you with your Prayer. The hour that you choose is at your discretion and you can make this Prayer wherever you find it most suitable.

“The future of humanity passes by way of the family.” (Saint John Paul II)