Monthly Day of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life

Monthly Day of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life

9th August 2019

Proposed Theme: Vocation of the Single Person

Some Thoughts:

· We generally think about vocation in terms of priesthood and religious life – and sometimes in terms of marriage. Very seldom do we consider the vocation of the single person.

· For us as Christians there is only one vocation and this comes through Baptism. The vocation of each of us is to be a disciple of Christ.

· This is then expressed and lived differently because of the different circumstances and commitments of our lives.

· Some people live this vocation in marriage, by living as a disciple of Christ in the relationship with one other person as a Sacramental couple in service of their children and the world in which they live.

· Some people live this vocation in Priesthood by living as a disciple of Christ in the fraternity of the priesthood in union with the Bishop for the service of the parishes of their Diocese and the Universal Church.

· Religious live as disciples of Christ in community with one another for the service of God’s people, especially the poor and those who have no one to be advocates for them.

· Single people live as disciples of Christ in the ordinary circumstances of their lives, using their gifts to bring peace and healing and hope to those around them.

Good models for single people are Martha, whose feast day is July 29th, her sister Mary and their brother Lazarus. Jesus was a frequent visitor to their home and often received hospitality at their table.

There are many expressions of the vocation of the single person.

· The newly baptised baby brings joy and hope to everyone just by being present,

· Children, especially after they have been anointed with the Sacrament of Confirmation, are called to positively contribute to the joy and well-being of their parents, family, and home so that it becomes truly the Church of the home. They also have so much to bring to their school and their parish community by using their gifts to bring joy and goodness to others.

· Young people have so much to bring to other young people in today’s world by helping them to come to know the goodness of following Christ. They also have great gifts to bring hope and freshness to their parents and other people in the parish. But no one asks them!!

· And older single people have gifts that are badly needed in today’s world. They are often the people who look after a sick or elderly parent or sibling. Unfortunately, they can be taken for granted by the rest of the family and the care for a parent or sibling is left mostly to them.

· People living on their own are also called to be disciples of Christ by making their home a place of Christ’s presence and a source of his peace.

This month we may want to pray for all single people in our parish. May they, like us all, through the grace of God, find true meaning in their life in the service of God and in the service of others whether it’s within the family setting or within the wider community.

On the 9th day of each month, our parish of Dungannon prays for Marriage & Family Life. This is part of a Movement of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life, as other parishes and groups take on the prayer for the other days of the month.

To make this prayer continuous, many people in our parish have committed themselves to a specific hour of prayer in such a way so that as much of the whole day and night as possible are covered.

Everyone is invited to join in this prayer, either by taking on an hour, or by including this intention in their own prayer during that day.

If you would like to undertake an hour each month please contact the Parish Office (Tel 028 8772 6893) where a special Prayer Booklet is available to assist you with your Prayer. The hour that you choose is at your discretion and you can make this Prayer wherever you find it most suitable.

“The future of humanity passes by way of the family.” (Saint John Paul II)