Monthly Day of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life

9th September 2018

Proposed Theme: Married people who are separated or divorced

The Joy of Love: Pope Francis

In some cases, respect for one’s own dignity and the good of the children requires not giving in to excessive demands or preventing a grave injustice, violence or chronic ill-treatment. In such cases, separation becomes inevitable. At times, it even becomes morally necessary, precisely when it is a matter of removing the more vulnerable spouse or young children from serious injury due to abuse and, from humiliation and exploitation, and from disregard and indifference. (241)

Divorced people, who have not remarried, and often bear witness to marital fidelity, ought to be encouraged to find in the Eucharist the nourishment they need to sustain them in their present state of life. The local community and pastors should accompany them with solicitude, particularly when children are involved or when they are in serious financial difficulty. (242)

It is important that the divorced who have entered a new union should be made feel part of the Church. They are not excommunicated, and they should not be treated as such, since they remain part of the ecclesial community. (243)

Some Thoughts:

* In our Catholic tradition the Sacrament of Marriage is the marriage of a woman and man who pledge their love for each other exclusively and permanently within the community of the Church.

* Just as the couple pledges their love for each other for the rest of their lives, so the Community of the Church at all levels promises to support them on their journey of love.

* Couples get married with high expectations of success. Thank God most couples achieve this to one degree or another. However, the active support of the parish community is often missing, a support that would mean even greater success for those who set out with such great ambitions.

* Unfortunately many couples do have to go through the trauma of separation and/or divorce in their lives.

* Two of the major causes of separation are: sexual infidelity on the part of one or other of the spouses; and violence from one or other of the spouses that becomes intolerable.

* When these happen decisions have to be made for the sake of the offended spouse and/or the children. These decisions to separate or divorce are never taken lightly but often with great pain. It is in these situations that the active support of the community of faith is also so necessary.

* The Catholic Church does not recognise divorce. This creates huge problems for many married people. Now the decision is often about whether to try and remain faithful to the vows that were made and face a life alone or whether to remarry.

* These are not easy decisions. Those involved in making these decisions need the support of their community. The Beginning

Experience is a wonderful group within the Catholic Church to help at this point.

This month we might want to pray for all those couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage, and for those that are separated or divorced, that they may turn to God in their time of despair, and that they may get the support they need from the Community around them.

Movement of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life

On the 9th day of each month, our parish of Dungannon prays for Marriage & Family Life. This is part of a Movement of Continuous Prayer for Marriage & Family Life, as other parishes and groups take on the prayer for the other days of the month.

To make this prayer continuous, many people in our parish have committed themselves to a specific hour of prayer in such a way so that as much of the whole day and night as possible are covered.

Everyone is invited to join in this prayer, either by taking on an hour, or by including this intention in their own prayer during that day.

If you would like to undertake an hour each month please contact the Parish Office (Tel 028 8772 6893) where a special Prayer Booklet is available to assist you with your Prayer. The hour that you choose is at your discretion and you can make this Prayer wherever you find it most suitable.

“The future of humanity passes by way of the family.” (Saint John Paul II)