14th February 2021

On Wednesday we begin the season of Lent. This is a special time

when we are getting ready to celebrate Easter. During Lent many

people ‘give up’ things or ‘turn away’ from things that they do too

much of. For example, too much eating, too much TV or time

playing computer games. Lent is a time for turning away from

things that distract us from God. It is a time for drawing closer to

God.....................Read More

Kevin Donaghy PP

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Feb 12

A series of Lenten talks each Wednesday night beginning on Ash Wednesday 17 February 2021. Join via Zoom.

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Christmas Message

Dec 22

Christmas Blessings from Parish of Dungannon

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Christmas Mass and Confession Times 2020

Dec 17

Update - all passes have been allocated for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses. Please remember to bring your pass with you when you come to Mass.

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Christmas Mass times and how to get a Pass/ticket for Mass

Dec 10

CHRISTMAS MASSES Thursday 24 December Christmas Eve All in St Patrick’s Church, Dungannon 12 noon – East Timorese Mass 2.00pm – East Timorese Mass 4.00pm – Lithuanian Mass 5.30pm - Family Mass 7.00pm - Family Mass 8.30pm –Vigil Mass 10.00pm – Vigil Mass Friday 25 December, Christmas Day 8.00am 9.30am 11.00am 12.30pm There are no passes required for the Masses on 26 Dec, or 27 December. Saturday 26 Dec, St Stephen’s Day 10.00am 6.15pm Vigil Mass

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