5th July 2020


May you walk with God this summer

In whatever you do wherever you go

Walking with God means...

Walking with honesty and with courage,

Walking with love and respect

And concern for the feelings of others

May you talk to God this summer

And every day and in every situation

Talking with God means...

Praying words of praise for the beauty of creation

Saying prayers of thanks for friends and good times,

Asking God's help in all your decisions

Expressing sorrow when you have failed

May you talk with God

Every day. Amen..............Read More

Kevin Donaghy PP

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Return to Public Mass

Jul 03

Public Mass St Patrick's Church Dungannon Saturday 4 July Vigil Mass 6.15pm Sunday 5 July 8.00am 9.30am 11.00am 12.30pm PLEASE NOTE THAT THE MAXIMUM CAPACITY FOR THE CHURCH AT ANY MASS IS CURRENTLY 70-90 PEOPLE.

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New Payment Method.

Apr 24

Alternative method of making payments to the Church.

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Divine Mercy Sunday

Apr 17

Divine Mercy Devotions from St Patrick's Sunday 19 April at3.00pm

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HOLY SATURDAY “Shine a Light”

Apr 11

Parishioners are urged to 'shine a light' in their windows on Holy Saturday for the sick and frontline workers.

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