27th November 2016 

In today’s First reading we hear the Prophet Isaiah calling us to climb to the top of the mountain and look for the coming of the Lord. He is calling us to rise above our daily worries, concerns and anxieties in order to take a look over the whole landscape of our lives with all of its peaks and valleys. Unfortunately, we can be so distracted by many things and caught up with all the worries and cares that life throws at us, that we do not take time to pay attention to our souls, our inner spirits and the things of the heart. In the language of the bible this spiritual neglect is spoken of as being ‘in the darkness’ or ‘being asleep’. Advent is the time to be awake and alert.    .........Read More

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Dec 01

An Invite to join in with the Parish Prayer Day for Marriage and Family Life on the 9th day of each month.

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Clergy Gathering

Nov 18

Clergy Gathering 20 - 23 November. 10 am Mass only on Monday 21 November, Tuesday 22 November, and Wednesday 23 November. One Priest will be available in the Parish over that period.

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Emergency Telephone Number

Nov 11

Please note that the Emergency Contact Number has changed.

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