20th September 2020

God of love and goodness, we give thanks for all your blessings upon each

one of us during our years together in primary school. We give thanks

for all the memories, for the friends we made, for the experiences we

enjoyed together. We give thanks for our teachers all through the years

and for all the other school staff who cared for us so well and helped us

grow in knowledge and in skill, in confidence and in hope, in trust and in

faith.................Read More

Kevin Donaghy PP

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Sep 11

Face covering to be worn when attending Mass and all Liturgies in Churches.

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Sep 03

Confirmation Ceremonies 2020

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Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Aug 14

Mass times for the Feast of the Assumption - Saturday 15 August 2020

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First Holy Communion Ceremonies

Jul 22

First Holy Communion Ceremonies 2020

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