Dear Parishioners,


 Stranger at Our Side

All through life’s day

Our risen Lord walks with us.

Often, however, he is a stranger to us,

for he never forces himself upon us.

Before the day’s end we will ask many questions,

experience many failures, disappointments and heartaches.

And then suddenly, whether we are young, middle-aged, or old,

 we will find that the shadows are lengthening and night is fast approaching.

In that moment we pray that,

Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus,

our eyes will be opened,

and that we will recognise him –

the stranger who walked at our side – as our risen Lord.

And he will not vanish from our sight.

Instead he will guide us

through the dark valley of death

to the safety of the Father’s house.

Very Rev Dean Kevin Donaghy PP VG