Experience teaches us that nothing worthwhile in life is ever simple or straight-forward.  The message of the transfiguration of Jesus is that there is a connection between suffering and death on the one hand and resurrection and glory on the other.  When things are difficult it is good to remember that there is no short cut to glory.  So Jesus had to hear from Moses and Elijah about the suffering and death he would have to experience as part of Godís plan.  The brilliant light and the voice from heaven give re-assurance that God will be with him on the journey.

The season of Lent presents an opportunity, along with prayer and fasting, to rid ourselves of the darkness of selfishness, prejudice and even hatred and to allow the brightness of God to shine into us and through us with love, compassion and kindness.  We all grow brighter the more we try to be the God-like image that we are meant to reflect.  The transfiguration is about letting the glory of God shine through us so that others can catch a glimpse of that glory.

Very Rev Dean Kevin Donaghy PP VG