In the first reading the prophet Jeremiah foresees a time when God will form a new relationship with his people, in the second reading that relationship is established through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.    The rejection and suffering experienced by Jesus causes Jesus to sympathise and care about us in our sufferings.  The gospel leaves us in no doubt about the fact that Jesus knew the kind of death he was soon to face.  At a human level Jesus was troubled, but the divine voice from heaven confirms his assertion that he is part of God’s plan and leads him on to the declaration that after he has been lifted up on the cross he will be able to draw all his faithful to himself in the eternal company of heaven. 

Christ on the cross reminds us of how mis-guided and evil humans are capable of being and in the same moment reminds us of the great love Jesus has shown for us – a love he calls us to try to imitate.  As followers of Jesus, we are invited to place our trials and sufferings alongside his, leaving everything completely in the hands of God the Father.

“Father in heaven, help us to embrace the world you have given us, that we may transform the darkness of its pain into the life and joy of Easter”.

With every blessing,

Kevin Donaghy PP