After a bit of persuasion from his mother Jesus performed the first of his miracles at Cana in Galilee:  turning water into wine.  There is powerful symbolism in the event.  For most of the people at that wedding wine would have been a rare treat, and used mainly on occasions of celebration and so it had come to be a symbol of joy.  By turning water into wine Jesus was changing what was plain and ordinary into a new experience of joy and celebration.

Jesus came into this world to make a difference, to change people and to make all things new.  His presence among us is an invitation to change our ways and is a call to a new manner of life.  When our lives are plain and ordinary, even meaningless and dreary, Jesus seeks to burst into our lives and to brighten us up with new hope and a fresh start.  Wherever Jesus is found, life is always changed for the better.  Mary’s words of instruction and advice to the servants ring down through the ages to us as well – “Do whatever he tells you”.  When we do whatever Jesus tells us, when we pause and pray and reflect and consider what Jesus would tell us to do in all kinds of situations we will surely find ourselves acting in the best way and going in the right direction as Jesus brings the change that gives us joy and fulfilment, contentment and peace.  Let us take to ourselves Mary’s words of guidance and advice, “Do whatever he tells you”.

Very Rev Dean Kevin Donaghy PP VG