We try to picture the scene in today’s gospel and we sense the fear in the disciples – their little boat is beginning to sink.  To make matters worse, the only person they believe could help, Jesus, is asleep in that very same boat, seemingly unconcerned.  The image matches across to our abundant experiences of times when we feel great danger or despair and God, whom we thought was close by and ready to help us, seems unconcerned about our plight.  Then we reflect on the fact that if Jesus was sleeping through such a frightening storm it maybe took a bit of an effort to wake him!  This perhaps corresponds to our experience that it may take more than a little prayer and persistence to get God to hear and answer our needs.  And we know well that his answer may not always be the one we had carefully prepared for him.

So when the storms of life are blowing we pray that Jesus will be close by and willing to help.  May his calming presence always give us re-assurance and hope, free us from fear and fill us with faith.  Then, filled with awe just like the disciples, let us invite Jesus to rule not just the waves but our lives as well. 

Kevin Donaghy PP