On Wednesday we begin the season of Lent. This is a special time

when we are getting ready to celebrate Easter. During Lent many

people ‘give up’ things or ‘turn away’ from things that they do too

much of. For example, too much eating, too much TV or time

playing computer games. Lent is a time for turning away from

things that distract us from God. It is a time for drawing closer to


Traditionally we have the sign of the cross marked on our

foreheads with ashes. This year that is not possible. However we

will still experience the season of Lent. Perhaps, instead of ashes

we might consider more fasting, more prayer and more sharing of

our abundance with those less fortunate than ourselves. If we do

this, God will surely overlook the absence of ashes on our


Very Rev Dean Kevin Donaghy PP VG