HOLY SATURDAY “Shine a Light”

Parishioners are urged to 'shine a light' in their windows on Holy Saturday for the sick and frontline workers.
EVERYONE AROUND THE country is being urged to take part in a national initiative to honour all the sick, those who have lost their lives, frontline staff and healthcare workers.

On Holy Saturday at 9pm, the Shine Your Light call invites the country to shine a light – be it a light or candle – in the window to pay tribute to those “keeping us going through these dark times”.
Everyone, especially children, are invited to get involved and to create their own way of shining a light from their homes.

St Patrick's Church Dungannon will be lit up from 9.00pm on Holy Saturday to show our support. Please shine a light, if you can, from your home too at this time.

You can use a lamp, a torch, or a candle, but please be careful with naked flames and do not leave any candle unattended.