Three 'FIRSTS' for 2014

An idea, from Cardinal Dolan (Archbishop of New York), for your resolutions at the beginning of 2014!

THE FIRST moment of every day, give to God in prayer. Make prayer (even a very short prayer) the first thing on your lips every morning, right out of bed, giving thanks to God for the gift of a new day and ask him to help you until the day is done. This could make all the difference in the world.

THE FIRST day of every week, worship God in Church. Attend Sunday Mass every week this year. Make it a priority. Starting each day with personal prayer, take time at the beginning of every week to gather with your Church family to worship the Lord in the way he desires: "Do this in memory of me."

THE FIRST week of every month, ask God for forgiveness and a new start. Receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation on a monthly basis can REALLY change your outlook on life! Taking time each month to examine your conscience and see where you have sinned against God and neighbor, confessing these sins, and receiving the forgiveness of God will help you to grow leaps and bounds in your Christian life. Having been loved by God in this Sacrament, you'll be strengthened more and more to live a life of virtue and love yourself.

So that's the plan. Three "firsts" to give you a deeper relationship with God and a whole new outlook on yourself and your neighbor. Happy New Year!